We thrive in offering services tailored for your business needs.

Our priority is to offer world class tax advisory, accounting, bookkeeping, company registration and secretarial services.  Your success is our success. We deliver value and revenue growth assistance.

What results we can bring to your organisation?

Archieving the best for you is our priority. Our consulting services seeks to bring high value and exponential revenue growth. Lucent has the experience you need to achieve financial growth.

Revenue Growth

Revenue growth is our first primary goal. We have helped many others and they testify of our efficiency.

Minimise Tax Liability

Not every tax you pay is necessary, Lucent can help you minimize unnecessary tax.

Improve Perfomance

We let you focus on more important matters and we help you with much of the regulatory work.


We bring our knowledge and experience to help to achieve financial success.

Lucent Core Services

We are proud to offer the following services.

Tax Services

Tax is a cost of doing business and a key part of the business environment. Our goal is to help with your tax obligations as required by tax authority, ZIMRA.

Accounting Services

Lucent Accountants are ready to support your organisation prepare financial statements and the compilation of accounting schedules. Come and we’ll help

Secretarial Services

We assist in Company Registrations (PLC & PBC) with the Deeds offices and ensure you comply with the many complicated legislations which can be daunting.

Reciprocal Services

We help you register your business with NSSA, ZIMDEF, Standard Development fund, ZIMRA, PRAZ (SPB), Vendor Number Allocation in order to formalize your business.

Lucent Insights

Lucent top stories and best insights

What is a Bank Advice Note (FAQ)?

A Bank Advice Note, also know a Bank Clearance Tax Certificate is a certificate issued by Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) to taxpayer who wants to open a corporate or company Bank Account. Only ZIMRA can issue a Bank Advice Note. Consultancy firms offer processing...

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is a Tax Clearance (ITF263). Tax clearance certificate, known as also as ITF 263, is a certificate issued by Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) to show that the position of a tax payer is satisfactory. It can also save as prove that one is registered with ZIMRA....

VAT Obligations after Registering with ZIMRA

Value Added Tax (VAT) obligations after ZIMRA registration. Once a company is registered for VAT, a VAT number is issued by ZIMRA. Registered operators should incorporate their VAT number on their invoices. Responsibilities upon registration include: Charge output tax...

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